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Update Sept '22

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well :)

Just some quick updates,

I did a comic creation workshop at World Scientific building with Benedict Foo, the author of World of Science -Adventures with Germs. It was a fun and unique workshop as the kids got to print their finished comic pages into actual books!

We had tour in the printing room too!

One of the groups finish printed book :)

I got a little break after finishing my projects so I tried to clean up my stuff. I dug up all the pens and drawing materials that were all over the place, and threw away those not working. I hope I will get back to drawing and sketching on paper again soon!

Boom Shaka Chapter 03 Kickstarter The Kickstarter was a success and I have done most of the rewards! I also started working on chapter 3 and things are getting tense!

MMM Anthology I have created a private FB group for internal updates, and I am really grateful that most of the creators are actively updating :D I have created a new tag #mmmanthology, so please follow it if you like to get the latest update :)

See you again soon!


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