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Hello April, yes I am still alive and drawing comic

Hi all, it's already mid April and I have yet to plan and start on my own stuffs yet. 😬

I am mainly working on projects from last year. Some of them have been delayed, so many of them kinda snowballed together on a similar schedule and I have been working hard to finish them. Hopefully most if not all of these projects will finish by end of May so I will have some time for my own work 👍

Some of the things that I might (and also might not) be doing this year:

  • Will not be boothing at Singapore Comic Con (again!) this year as the preparation time is too short.

  • New webcomic. Something that I have been wanting to do since last year. I have 2 ideas that I was working on a little last year but have to stop due to other work.

  • Start on my sketching routine. I want to maintain a regular sketching routine while recording it so I can share with readers, and maybe upload to Youtube too.

  • Fan comics. This will probably take a lot more effort and time to work on, but I always have the ideas of creating different stories for existing titles (kinda like DLC or crossover).

2024 seems to be a busy, a little draggy, a little tired year so far. Everything seems to be stuck in somewhere, but I am still hopeful and trying my best to finish what I have taken on. Sometimes when you just focus on working hard and improving, things will just slowly fall in place and everything will be fine.

Thank you for reading about my rant 😁 I am trying to write longer posts and share more about my daily or usual work.

Lastly, great thanks to Shadow Ghost Comic for the feature!

Till next time.

Take Care!


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