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Alan Bay is an comic artist and illustrator from Singapore who enjoys spreading happiness through his drawings. He likes to keep the spirit of childhood alive by drawing big
monsters, magical dragons and pesky kids.



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Might, Magic & Monster-In-Laws Comic Anthology ( self published)

Atoms Everywhere. Robots Every

Time Travel, Singapore! Our Singapore River 

The Intertidal Adventures of Biogirl MJ: Exploring Our Marine Shores in Search of a Mysterious Island


Screen Smart - Growing Up in the Digital Age


World of Science: Adventures with Germs and Your Health


Treasure Seekers series

Guss' Gutsy Adventures

Singapore Book Awards 2022 for Audiobook of the Year 

-Sacred Guardians (Asiapac Books/Tokuasia Pte Ltd)

Sacred Guardians (Asiapac Books/Tokuasia Pte Ltd)

Singapore Book of the Year Award 2019 nominee

-Once Upon a Singapore... Traders

Once Upon a Singapore... Traders (Asiapac Books)

亚洲插画师年鉴 COLLECTIONS 2015 (亚洲插画协会, Taiwan)

PLACES A Graphic Anthology on the East of Singapore 

(National Library Board)

TEN - The Art of Smallguy (Self-published)


Atlas (Chuang-Yi Publishing) 




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