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Hello Fab-ruary

Hi all! It is already February, and Space, Cows & Alien Meatballs comic anthology has been online for more than a month.

It will be removed soon in the next days, so please follow the authors if you have not done so yet.

You can also download the comic on my Gumroad too.

2023 had been a busy and eventful all the way till this January, and now I finally have time to sit down and do some reflection.

Last year I was excited that 3 of the books I worked on was nominated for awards, and two of them won.

Like every post I would said, I hope to work more on my personal projects (lol). I do not have anything planned yet, maybe I will work on a new webcomic, and work on commission art too.

Thank you those who have always been supportive and just a small gesture like giving a like will be much appreciated!




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