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I have a new blog!

Technically speaking I have migrated the old blog to a new version :) Hope May was a great month for everyone. It was a busy for me, finishing up a board game and a children book, and managed to squeeze some time to submit to some contests and anthology. There are a lot of stuffs on my backlog now, such as finishing up my webcomic and doing up proposals for submissions...

Spiderman Summer Seq Contest
Spidy & Gwen

A submission for How to Draw Comics. Saw my friend did a page for Spiderman for the Sequential Summer Slam. Managed to finish it on the last day, took me about 5 hours to ink it. I am bad at drawing vehicles.... XD

Managed to submit for Medibang Shounen Shoujo Contest on the last day too. You can read it here. Do give me your likes too ^^

What will you be doing in June? It is School holidays here so many of them will be going for vacations. I have a few projects on hand so I hope to finish them without any impediments and also work on my own ones! See you all in a while~ ^^


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