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[Textures] Illustrating Singlit Bootcamp

Heya, Singlit is coming again soon and I will be there!

Organized by The Art House and Asiapac Books, I will be there with writer Tina and writer/artist Ho Chee Lick to share our experience with drawing/writing creations.

Its on Sun 10 Mar 19, 11-1pm. There will be an workshop at the end so you can get your hands dirty! We will be walking around and interact with everyone so if you have any questions, do let us know! Get your tickets here.

Did a recording of me doing a sketch from book Once Upon A Singapore... Traders. This is a first time I record ( or being recorded) a speed-painting and its something I always wanted to try but didn't have a proper setup and equipment to do it. They had a time-lapse recorder but it didn't work so they recorded it on a camera and edit it digitally.

Special thanks to The Art House & Asiapac Books for this opportunity! See you there next Sunday! ^^


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