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Heya, realized my last post was back in Dec last year!

Hope everyone had a great New year and January!

A fast recap, January was a fast and busy month, rushing projects and spring cleaning my place for Lunar New Year in Feb.

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So whats in store for 2019?

-A few new anthology submissions ( Hopefully all successful ones!) -A new comic/graphic novel ( Haven't really decide which genre, story to write yet... I am always keen to do horror/supernatural, something very different from my usual art....)

-Finish up West Legends 3 and 4 (I know, its been hanging around for years... I will try to work on it!)

-Atlas Web comic (No concrete plan yet...)

-New Web comic ( No plan yet too...)

-Meet and get to know more artists and writers that I can collaborate with!

Sounds like 2019 will be a busy busy year!

Always love to hear from you all, drop me a note if you have anything to share!

Till then, cheers


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