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Happenings in Aug/Sept

Hola! Its been busy since June all the way till now! Mainly I was working a comic book, which should be out in November. There were other projects including web comics and illustrations, one of it was UOB Painting of the Year! This is my first time submitting, partly doing it as part of the comic book promotion material.

I only managed to finish it just before the deadline, and I shall keep the details in another post :)

^ So... Of course it didn't win so I went to collect it back hahaa

^ A shot of what I submitted. Will make a post of my drawing process.

^ My first Moleskine notebook! A little gift for all participants.

^ Final my iron level is high enough for a donation again! the last time I donated was almost a year ago.... See you again in 3 months, I hope...

^It was the Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) as the National Library and I was happy to have my work exhibited at their gallery. This is one of the artwork that will appear in the book.

^I was in Taipei for a short trip and managed to catch Chen Uen exhibition on its last weekend! The exhibition was pretty crowded, queues forming up orderly to view the painting. No photo is allowed inside but you can search for it online.

The exhibition was amazing, from how he became an comic artist at that difficult times to how detailed yet wild hand painted drawings, it was definitely an eye opener for me...

So now my comic book is wrapping up, I hope I can spend my time on my other stuffs, like the comic cover blanks I have bought, finishing my webcomics and planning for 2019 before have a good break!

Thank you all and take care! :)


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