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Hello 2016!

Happy New Year! This is a beginning of something great! :D It was a busy and fast 2015, Here are of the things I have done and tried..

- Coopow comic contest 2014 First Prize - Silent Manga Audition 05 Honourable Mention

- Live Demo at national library - Helped launch games Roccorocco Roshambo, Let's Campaint @ Southwest

- DeathRattler Comic first issue (digital)

- Chewy Toons Comic on Comixology

2016 is here and these are some of the things I hope to archieve in the next 12 months.

- Silent Manga Audition 06 First Prize!

- Comico Comic Contest First Prize!

- ACG Comic Contest First Prize!

-Setup Patreon and have 10 supporters!

-DeathRattler comic TPB ( tradepaper back) completed

-LINE webtoon comic

-Comic book with publisher

-Chewy Toon comic

-New LINE stickers

-New Artbook/Exhibition

Looks like 2016 will be pretty excitied too! :D

Thanks for reading,

See you all around :)


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