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Update Oct 22

I uploaded my first item on my ko-fi store!

This is a compilations of my Swordtember artwork I did in Sept, you can get it for free or for any amount :)

I finished most of my major projects back in Sept so I had the time to work on 'Swordtember' which was to design 30 swords within a month.

I also started on my Inktober, and for this year I am drawing video game characters. You see them on my IG.I am planning to post them for sale, just trying to figure out how lol.

Lastly, MMM Anthology is still well on track, with the creators working on their comics. I can probably start posting some preview soon towards the end of the month.

p/s: I am trying to setup my own youtube account too, but it might take a while as it will take some time to record and edit videos...

Thank you for reading and stay safe!


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