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Holidays and Celebrations


Merry Christmas!

It is almost end of 2018 and I hope everyone is wrapping up with their work and wrapping gifts! It is a good time reflect on your year and plan for the upcoming one.

My schedule board 2018!

This is the board that I write and paste all my projects for 2018. The bottom are those that are done, while the top are on-going ones (separated by the space). Orange are paid/commission projects, yellow are contest, anthology submission and the light yellow are personal projects, which are the three on the top right which never got started ^__^||.... It has a been a busy but great year, taking on a whole range of projects, from animated videos to book illustrations, I am glad to have a few oversea webcomic projects too. It was definitely much harder to find oversea clients/authors as the competition is much higher but USD/SGD exchange rate helps to give me a better advantage. Hopefully 2019 I will have more titles coming up and also my own titles too! Will also need to have a more organized board to better track my progress....

Main project!

The biggest project this year was 'Once Upon A Singapore... Traders'. It started last November and took us almost a year to complete it, and the marketing effort is still ongoing till next year. Hopefully I can get to write out the progress and what we learnt from it...... If you haven't saw the book yet, you can find out more about it here.

Ahhhhh! Drop my Xiaomi phone last Wed night and broke the screen like Aloy! -_-|| Luckily it is still working and I haven't decide which phone to get yet... I am tempted to get Mi Max 3 for the 6.9" screen size which is much better for reading....

So I will be getting a new phone for the new year! lol

See you all in 2019, Take care!


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