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Hi all, today I like to intro everyone to Fantastic Fox.

It was created by my friend, Ray, who is also an illustrator/Artist.

Why Fantastic Fox? ( extracted from website) "Unlike other crowd-funding platforms, Fantastic Fox is created for comics artists and illustrational content creators alike to market as well as sell their illustrated eBooks. We bridge the gap between creators and readers — minus the publisher or editor — and break the cycle so that creators can sell their ideas straight to the readers. The result? The perfect environment for affordable and more creative content. Did we forget to mention that creators keep content ownership of whatever is crowd-funded and sold here? All materials in this site are 100 percent creator owned."

In short, Fantastic Fox (FF) is a platform for independent comic artists to post and sell their digital comics and artbooks. There is also a fundraising section, that allows artists and creators to raise funds for their books by letting readers 'pre-order', with various tiers and rewards.

It is still in a very new stage but it is growing steadily in numbers of comics. Currently I have 5 books in the store and 2 of them are free to download! Do drop by FantasticFox to take a look and comments and suggestions are most welcome! Cheers!


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