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We are selected as 'Project we love'!

Great thanks to Kickstarter for selecting our campaign as 'Project We Love'!

I hope this will helps to reach more readers and backers :)

We are currently at almost 60% with 46 backers, and 24 days left.

The current backers bonus unlocked include

  • 4 page comic by Raineyellow

  • Bookmark by KuehMerlion

  • Exclusive art by Rossmonday

All physical bonuses will be available for all physical book tiers. Digital bonuses will be available for all tiers. ( Some physical bonuses might not be converted to digital version)

We are 4 backers short to the next bonus, which is a physical reward :)

Thank you everyone of the support and the team for contributing to this project, we hope this will be a success and everyone will get to read their stories!

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