Spotted at Kinokuniya Bugis Junction!

Guess what? Once Upon A Singapore... Traders is now available at all Kinokuniya Singapore stores! So you can find at their main store at Takashimaya; Liang Court, Bugis Junction and JEM You can also get it online from their website! It is under the 'YOUNG ADULTS' section. Everyone is a young adult! ^__^ If you are not in Singapore, you can order it directly from our publisher too. We will be at the National Library for a signing and sharing session! There is also a on-going

Horror Comic submission

Another of my rejected anthology submission! TT u TT FRAME is a 6 page comic done for Alterna Horror Anthology, but sadly it got rejected... FRAME is about a girl who is rather unhappy and grumpy about life. When she passes by a photography shop, she gazes upon a photo of a girl and makes a rude comment. So while she is in the toilet, she is visited by the girl in the photo and that girl 'fulfills' her wish. Posted the rest of the pages on my Patreon

It was almost one year ago!

It's been a while since I updated my blog! It was a busy 2017, with occasional sicknesses and rests, Just some updates, I have done West Legends #02, ChewyToons Adventures #02, and revived Atlas Bits on Webtoons & Tapas. I also started ChewyToons on the same platforms too Altas Realms Webcomic ChewyToons Webcomics West Legends #02 Only 2 more months to end the year, let's work hard and enjoy the holiday! Cheers #comic

Inktober is over!

It was a crazy busy month, so completing Inktober is especially challenging. Trying to complete one drawing a day definitely takes lots of commitment, so I am glad I decided to try it out and finished them! Almost all of my Inktober sketches Day 1 to 15 So what happens next? Well I will try to compile them together with additional texts and annotations and get it out by end of this month. So stay tuned! ;) Cheers ^___^ My comics are available on Drivethru now! #inktober #draw

Sellfy is updated! (finally!)

My Sellfy page is finally updated! :) There are now 5 new and old comics available for downloads, and a couple of them are free to read! Check it out below. They are also available on FantasticFox, along with other artists' works. And also one of the collaboration book Chewy Toons Adventure too! Hope you enjoy them! Cheers #comic #art

Atlas BITS 02

It is never too heavy :D If you also wonder how how much one can carry in every video games! :D Be sure to check out my Patreon page too! Cheers! #comic

First post!

First post of Altas BITS! Atlas BITS are short, one-pager comics that I intend to post once a week for a my Patreon supporters. Hope you like it! :) Please follow me on Patreon and be my patron too Thank you! :) #comic

Ohhh new comic! ;)

Good day! This is my submission for Medibang x Jump Manga Contest! Atlas was my original comic, so REALMS is kinda like a side story :D You can read the comic here :) Hope you will like it and share it with your friends! Thank you! #comic


Hi all, today I like to intro everyone to Fantastic Fox. It was created by my friend, Ray, who is also an illustrator/Artist. Why Fantastic Fox? ( extracted from website) "Unlike other crowd-funding platforms, Fantastic Fox is created for comics artists and illustrational content creators alike to market as well as sell their illustrated eBooks. We bridge the gap between creators and readers — minus the publisher or editor — and break the cycle so that creators can sell thei

Death-Rattler issue 2!

Issue 2 is available! :D Check out some of the pages first! Available in Prints and Digital at Insane Comics now :) Do check out Issue1 if you haven done soon. Currently working on issue 3 which will be out soon in March/Apr! Special thanks to the team for making this comic! :D Cheers~ #comic

Comico Challenge Submission

This is my submission for Comico Contest, it wasn't selected as finalist so I am posting it here :) It is in Chinese and there were some mistakes and missing text bubbles as I was rushing to submit before the deadline..... :P Please read it and share with me your feedback! :) You can read the finalists entries here. Cheers ^___^ #comic #comico


These are the upcoming comic/manga contests Silent Manga Audition 2016 These are actually TWO contests with different deadlines! Theme: Friendship & Communication Tool, Deadline 31st March 16 Theme: Sakura” (Japanese Cherry Blossom), plus one of the following:“Keep on Smiling” / “Returning a Favor, Deadline: 01st March 16 The second contest is an 'extra-round' that is co-operation with “Fukushima SakuraMori Project”, a non-profit organization with the goal of supporting chil

Death-Rattler is available now!

They are here! A title that I am involved as a colorist is finally out! It is available on Insane Comics (both prints and digital) and also on DriveThru Comics! This is the first of the four issues for the series, so please check it out and hope you will like it! Thanks! ^__^ DEATH-RATTLER Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender Co-Created & Illustrated: Ryan Downing Inks: Ivan Miranda Colors: Alan Bay Letters: Micah Myers #comic