Goodbye, good comrade

I bought my Canon LIDE 90 scanner back in 2007, when I was doing attachment work in Japan. I bought it because I was doing a comic book project then, so I needed to scan my artworks. After since I have been using it till this year, where it started to show some wear and tear, like dirt within the interior. Finally its scanning ability broke down this month -___- It was a good scanner for its price, (less than S$100) and lasted for a good 8-9 years. I currently have a all

A witch...

This is my first writing and sketch of the year! :) This year I hope to improve on my writings for my comics and games, so I have to start somewhere I guess.... Here goes Witch "...The smell of burning sage and frankincense fills the space. I know she is here. The fragrances are so aromatherapeutic yet intoxicating at the same time. She moves towards me, and the frangrances thicken. The look on her eyes, such pretty, such menacing... Is she here for vengeance? or I am just