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Might, Magic & Monster-In-Laws Comic Anthology


Stuck in an infinite time-loop of bingeing 'Friends' episode 1?

All that the razor-teeth-creepy alien wants is just a warm hug?

Went on a space voyage just to find a planet that makes you weigh less?

Have a story about time travel, grey aliens or space exploration? Welcome aboard!

Space, Galaxy & Alien Meatballs is a sci-fi comic anthology about stories of space and beyond. The stories should be suitable for everyone but not limited to just humor and slice-of-life genres. 


*For illustrative purposes only

Submit my pitch (Closed)

Rules for Participation: 

Theme: Sci-fi, Genre: Open (No excessive gore/sex)

Pitch as a SOLO writer.

Age Restrictions: All participants must be 18 years or older.

No fanart, all characters must be original or public domain.

Any story that is found to not follow our mission or values will be rejected with no explanation. We do not tolerate any forms of hate, bigotry, or racism. 

Stories can be already completed, but must be previously unpublished stories (as comics).

Selected writers will be paid USD20 for one-page comic, USD50 for 4-6 pages comic



  • Pitch Submission Period: May 30th 2023 - June 30th 2023

  • Selection Process: July 1st 2023 – July 15th 2023

  • Final Story Manuscript Submission Date: 31st Aug 2023

  • Crowdfunding Campaign: TBA, Tentatively Dec 2023


Submission Information: 

Pitch Submissions will be open from May 30th 2023 till June 30th 2023 11:59pm EST.

Selected stories will be notified from 16th July 2023.
Requirements for Pitch Submission (Via Google Form button below):
- Plot Summary/Synopsis
- Work Examples (This is not required, but encouraged.)

Multiple submissions are allowed. 

Book Specifications (tentatively):

Page size: B5, portrait, 176 × 250 mm (7,48 x 9,84 inches)
Color, B&W, or Grayscale.
300 DPI / TIFF files / CMYK
Projected Book pages: 48-60 pages 


Agreeing to participate means that you’re allowing to exclusively release your story in Volume 1 of “Space, Galaxy & Alien Meatballs” via print and digital formats. 

Ownership remains with the creators.  The agreement duration is a full calendar year from the date of original publication. After the full calendar year, the owner may freely distribute and use the work(s) as they please.


Writers Compensation:

Compensation will be made to all selected writers after the submission of the final comic manuscript( 31st Aug 2023).

In the event if the Kickstarter campaign is successful:

-After the printing goal is funded (including taxes and fees), 90% of any additional funding raised will be disbursed to the writers and artists.

-Each individual creator will also receive 1 copy of the printed anthology, and will be able to purchase additional copies of the anthology at 50% off of the cover price as long as it remains in print.

We are excited to see what we can do to bring this opportunity to life. Thank you for your interest and support. Comments, Questions, and Concerns can be directed to:

Submit my pitch (Closed)


-Who will be illustrating my story if it is accepted? 

I am in the midst of gathering artists so it will be announced on a later date.


-What happens if the Kickstarter isn't successful?

If the Kickstarter isn't success and/or the book isn't print within a year (Dec 2024), the manuscript rights will go back to the authors.

-Mode of payment

Ideally by Paypal. Fees will be paid by me.

Thank you everyone for submitting! We will be reviewing them next week and get back to every response!

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