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Stickers & Poster

Hi all, it's December! So I thought I better write this post before the year ends :)

I have a few projects on-going, but sadly nothing much to show as the publishers have not released any details.... Managed to print stickers for Traders cover, as the organization do not have official sticker for nominees and the publisher wasn't keen to print them.. (No idea why...) Anyway I think it goes well with the cover and we hope to pass them to as many people as possible.

I started working on Sacred Guardians, a comic book collaborated by Tokuasia and Asiapac Books. It is meant to be a prequel or the first generation for their TV series, Do check out their Facebook page.

Sadly nothing much is shown at the Comicon, currently is still in the storyboard stage and the character designs are done. Estimated to be out in April next year.

Bookmarks for Comicon, character slightly re-designed by me and the 5 crests were designed by their Artist.

Post card and preview cover for comic. I am also currently finishing up my webcomic 'Atlas Realms Bits', which have be on hiatus for a while.... So look forward to it! :) Can read it here if you haven't read it yet.


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