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My schedule board 2019

Well February is almost gone and I finally cleared my board for 2019. lol

Ok let me explain how it works. Basically I have this board pasted on the wall beside my desk to keep track of the on-going projects. There are 3 sections, Top: personal projects that I want to do/finish, Middle: On-going projects/submissions, Bottom, Finished projects ( cancel ones too) I used different colored tabs to differential different project types, -Orange is paid/commissioned, -Yellow is comic/anthology submissions/collabs -Light yellow is personal projects (they have been there since 2018 lol) I admit I like physically writing things like schedule and calendar instead of digitally because I am old school. XD

So in 2019 I did: - 20 paid projects ( 2 cancelled, 1 still on-going) -13 comic submissions ( 1 still on-going) I think I didn't record of the projects that I did, especially those fast turn-around or charge-by-hour types. That pretty much sums up my 2019. If you haven't summarize or put a proper closure to your 2019, why not spend some time to do it and you might realized 2019 wasn't all that or unfruitful that you think! :)

Have a great week everyone!


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