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MMM Anthology pitch update

I added a FAQ session at the end of the page based on the questions I have gotten so far FAQ, updated 09May22

  • Do we need to submit a completed work/manuscript, or just a pitch?

You only to submit a pitch, a summary of your story and past work/portfolio

  • Can I submit more than one entry? Yes you can, but most likely only one entry will be chosen.

  • Is this a paid submission? Currently it is not. Only after the Kickstarter is successful, and deducting the production cost, will we know the profit that can be shared among the creators.

  • Is there other ways of submitting my pitch? If you can't submit by Google form, you can email to me, stating creator name(s), story summary, number of pages and previous work/porfolio.

  • For more questions, you can find me on Twitter, IG, or email.

Looking forward to reading the submissions! :D


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