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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Last Tues was the Singapore Book Awards 2019 organized by

Singapore Book Publishers Classification. I was away for a short holiday so I didn't attend as the finalists list was out only one week before the event.

As our book wasn't nominated in any of the sub-categories, we didn't know we are short-listed until one week before.

Tina was there that night and sadly we didn't win the award. But at least there is an official slip to prove that we were nominated! lol

If I say I wasn't disappointed that we didn't win, I would be lying. I did have some hope on winning as I really like this book and think that its something different. But as a first book we did, I think it a pretty good result to be nominated and hopefully more people will get to know and read it.

Big thanks to all who made the book a success and we will continue to write good stories and draw good comics! ^^

P/S: They finally posted a finalist list so here are the official finalists :)


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