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Essential of Teaching & Learning workshop

I have attended this 5-day workshop last week and I think I leveled up a bit, +1 Int, +1 Charisma :D

Certificate of Participation

It was a wonderful workshop and I learnt alot from the instructors and others. Both George and Tricia managed to explain big terminologies and concepts into something practical and easy to use and apply not only to our own workshops, lessons, but also our daily tasks and activities. Everyone in the class was also energetic and positive, with an open attitude of learning and sharing, which made the 5-day workshop fun! Originally I though it will be mainly of the lecturer showing slides on the screen and rest taking notes, but it turned out to be so much fun and good vibes! I got to know people of different creative disciplines like writers, poem-writer, dancers, drama, musicians, etc...

^ __ ^

Putting what I learnt to good use, we were at Kinokuniya Takashimaya to promote "Once Upon A Singapore... Traders" on Sat. Tina did a presentation of the book, showing and explaining how Singapore was like back then. Originally I planned to draw something, but it wasn't interactive with the audiences. Then a young girl and her brother came to sit in front of us so I decided to draw something else and the crowd can help to finish the drawing. I draw the Kacang Putith man and ask the audience what do the kacang putith man sell. The little girl (Olivia) was very enthused in answering and I think I did put what I learnt to use well :D

It was a tiring but a fulfilling week, and I think attending the workshop made me feel how wonderful it is to be pursuing and working on things that you are passionate about and drives you. Most of the people I talked to during the workshop showed a lot of passion and drive when they talked about what they do and I can see they are truly enjoying what they are doing. Now I am back to busy routine, and I hope I am improving a little everyday to be a better artist and a better person :)


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