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my UOB Painting

Hi all,

as I mentioned in my previous post, I did my first UOB Painting of the Year submission. I did this also as it can be promotional material for my upcoming comic book. So Here is a breakdown of how I created this artwork. :)

^First sketch on my notebook, concept is to capture an array of past occupations/traders of Singapore.

^ Another sketch

^ A2 size drawing paper. Not that good quality as I bought it from a normal bookstore....

^ Started drafting it on the actual paper...

^ Final pencil outline begins

^ Almost done...

^ Outlines almost all done!

^Close up of the drawing with shading....

^Bought a frame online one week before the submission and luckily they sent it on Friday, one day before! But it turns out the frame was quite flimsy and plastic instead of glass...

Fixatif! I haven't use this like since school days.... Always use it in an open space and lots of protective sheets so the floor won't get all sticky!

Final artwork for submission :) Final thoughts: I quite like what I have created, some of the regrets are not starting it earlier as time constraint caused some issues like paper and frame quality.....


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