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It is been a while...

Its been a long time since I updated my blog!

Didn't realized I only wrote one post in 2017!

Hope you all are fine :)

Just some updates on what I have been doing.

Space Pirate


Alice in Wonderland

Some character design submission for FB group Character Design Challenge.

Did some comic for a Malaysia magazine, did one successful anthology submission, did a few other unsuccessful ones... hahaa

I managed to do some test drawing for Marvel too after the STGCC interview, shall post that in another update. Managed to do some illustrations for card game, children books and advertisement animatics, so I guess 2017 till now is pretty good for me :) p/s: I put Atlas webcomic on hiatus to focus on my other work as I feel it wasn't getting much readership and the frequent update kinda made me compromise the quality... I am not sure how Atlas is gona work in the future, maybe it will come back in other forms! See you soon and stay positive! Cheers


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