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We have disqus! :D

Just updated the blog with disqus! Now you can comments on my posts, even when you are not login! :D Previously I saw a post on Kotaku on Manga Artist Workdesks,

and I thought it will be great for artists to share and discuss about their work space too :) So here is my messy (but organized!) work space which I spend about 8-10 hours a day at.

Overall view. The front is my bed. As you can see I get alot of sunlight from the windows, so the room is mostly hot -___- The prints on the wall is my calendar, where I note down deadlines and events. The desk behind me is for drawing, although now is kinda in a mess :D Below are papers and stationaries...

A close-up of the times on my desk, pencils and pens, books, documents, stationaries etc...

Hope you enjoy knowing more about how I work, do share with me yours! :)


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