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Resident Evil 0 HD

It is one of those game series that you love or hate. I started playing the first Resident Evil game on a PS1 back then and it left a great impression of how a horror survival game should be.

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I played almost all of its games on PS and PC, so Resident Evil 0 is one of those that I haven't got to try..

The last RE game I played was Revelation, it was pretty entertaining, would give it 7/10 as it was much longer game that I originally thought (especially I bought it during a sale :D)

My fave RE game to date is RE5, a good balance of actions and horror, n Sheva! She is also one of my fave game character too! :D

The game is available on Steam for PC now, but if you can wait you can probably get it during sale ;)

P/S: This is not really a game review, just sharing my thoughts on the game :) Do share yours in the comments below too! Cheers



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