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Traders@Hokkien Huay Kuan/Montfort Sec

Last Saturday we were invited by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy to present our book "Once Upon A Singapore... Traders" to their members.

This is first time I heard of this place even though I am a Hokkien. Located at Senett Road, near Bedok, was quite lively on a Sat late morning bustling with kids and parents joining and leaving classes.

Special thanks to Linus's kids who helped with the Koyok men demonstration that kickstart the presentation. We added more interactive activities like playing Passing-the-message game and end the talk with a Kacang Puteh cone folding workshop with real kacang puteh!

The audience was really responsive and enjoyed the talk and they were really supportive of our books and also encouraged us. I am glad they were supportive of their children reading books too.

On the following Monday, We went back to my Secondary School, Montfort Secondary School to give a 1 hour assembly talk for the secondary one students.

This was our first big presentation, there were some delay and problem with one of the mic, but it went quite well generally. I started the presentation by inviting some students up to 'demo' the koyok man selling its medicine and inviting a teacher to 'test' the effectiveness.

Then I past the mic to Tina who went on to talk about the other traders featured in our book. The students were quite interested with the traders especially koyok men as they had quite a lot of questions on them. They got a bit too excited sometimes and it became chaotic and the discipline mistress had to 'talk' to them to calm them down lol.

It was nice going back to my secondary school after almost 23 years, especially it is so near my place and I walk past it almost everyday. This also marked the end of the book promotion for now until July where we will be going a few school to give a talk too.

A big thanks to everyone who helped make all these possible!


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